Writer: John Zuur Platten
Artist: Atilio Rojo
Publisher Top Cow/Image Comics

You won’t be shocked to learn that Mercy isn’t dead after the events of the debut issue. She does not look happy.

Pops/priest Neto was sensibly looking for the sheriff rather than the doctor, and the sheriff is out for revenge.

Turns out the shot bandit has nicked Toctollissica’s crown, Toctollissica being the star of the ‘500 years ago’ flashbacks to Peru. The writer remains cryptic about the consequences, but it would appear they are coming,

The sheriff is, inevitably, a crack shot and incredibly lucky, taking out pretty much the whole criminal gang on his own, except for those who headed to Neto and Mercy’s church for more gold.

We’re still waiting for the weird stuff to happen, but in the meantime, it’s a decent gritty western.

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