So, in the Bible, Jesus exorcises some demons and traps them in the bodies of pigs. Those pigs then go mad and run off a cliff to their assumed death. Swine picks up that story a couple of thousand years later.

Turns out some of those pigs survived their previous experiences and have been wandering the world ever since, causing chaos and trying to take over the world in an act of revenge. Luckily for humanity some people are able to see the pigs for what they really are (y’know murderous demons). Swine follows Ellis, a man wrongly imprisoned for the murder of his wife Becky, and his sister-in-law Zoey as they attempt to put an end to the legion of demon pigs roaming the Earth.

Swine is a pretty wild ride, if you like your horror a little on the ludicrous side you’re definitely going to enjoy this book. With constant twists and turns Swine will keep you guessing. A good helping of gore and a knowing sense of humour help make this ridiculous premise a fun horror read.

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