Story: Skottie Young
Art: Jorge Corona
Colours: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Lettering: Nate Piekos of Blambot
3D Model of the house: David Stoll
Editors: Joel Enos & Kent Wagenschutz
Production Artist: Deanna Phelps

Just in time for Halloween, we get the third issue of this strange supernatural book.

Ro seems to have settled into a domestic routine with the many-limbed ghost thing. Turns out they both like Richard Curtis films, which is shockingly basic for an entity haunting a mansion.

It’s not clear what Ro sees of the thing she’s communicating with, and its appearance changes from nightmarish multi-eyed toothy thing to gaunt-faced humanoid from page to page. She states that she doesn’t think it’s real, yet continues to interact with it as it holds her palette, puts on records, opens vintage wine and creates a floating gallery.

What is clear is that they seem to have a mutual appreciation, which finds an old fashioned outlet at the end of this issue.

Skottie Young and Jorge Corona are still keeping us guessing about where this is going in a way that I’ve not seen lately. Rather than cut up a graphic novel into 22-page sections, as many titles are guilty of at this point, every issue feels like a proper unit of story and reveals a little more of the puzzle.

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