I’ve been a fan of Tim Seeley’s work since I read Revival, but what really cemented that truth was Money Shot. Between the two we see a great range in Seeley’s writing, a creator who can do both horror, comedy and human emotion to an equally effective degree.

I’ve also been a slasher movie fan since seeing Scream 3 when I was much too young (yes I saw them out of order, no I’m not happy about it), and in my teenage years I made the decision to buy a Friday The 13th film every friday night until I’d seen them all. Then stumbling across Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon made me realise exactly what I wanted from horror films. See also Tragedy Girls. It’s right about now that I’m sure you’re wondering when I’m going to get to the point and stop giving you a history lesson in my taste in films and comics. So sure, let’s get on with the business.

My point is that it’s taken me too damn long to check out Hack/Slash but thanks to the power of Kickstarter and Image Comics we’ve been gifted the Deluxe Edition Volume 1.

Hack/Slash is the story of Cassie Hack, who after surviving not one but two murderous rampages from her own mother, makes it her mission to travel around killing ‘slashers’. Y’know those unkillable types that have tortured backstories usually leading to a warped reason that they need to kill teenagers. It’s a premise that, as time has gone on, doesn’t seem as unlikely as some of Tim Seeley’s other books, but I am definitely the target audience for such things.

I’ll admit that as a series Hack/Slash is a little rough around the edges, and can feel a little bit trashy at times, there’s frequently scantily clad victims running for their lives and it’s very over the top. But so are slasher films. This isn’t a recommendation that’s for everyone but some of you are going to love it, and you know exactly who you are.

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