Writer: Eric Palicki
Artist: Wendell Cavalcanti
Letterer: Rob Steen
Publisher: Ahoy Comics

We begin Black’s Myth #3 with Strummer and Ben brawling with the patrons of a vampire bar, hoping to learn some information about Rainsford Black’s stolen silver bullets. They also pay a visit to “the old man” whose shop is home to a lot more than books and crystals.

I often find that fantasy stories can become overwhelming with the more supernatural ideas they introduce, but that’s definitely not the case with Black’s Myth. The addition of vampires to a mix that already includes werewolves, djinns and minotaurs adds another layer to a world that feels cohesive and well thought out. Each new element that’s introduced compliments the world Eric Palicki and Wendell Cavalcanti have created, which is a sign of how well written the characters are and how considered the world is.

Wendell Cavalcanti’s artwork is great throughout this issue, perfectly suiting Strummer and Ben’s investigation. Much like the narrative, I think the simple black and white artwork helps prevent the visuals from becoming overwhelming, don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot to take in but I feel like colour would take away some of the great detail that’s so clear with the monochromatic style.

We’re at the halfway point of Black’s Myth and it still feels like there’s potential for the series to go in practically any direction it wants. While every issue tells us more about the universe and informs the backstory of the characters it still feels like there’s plenty for us to learn and possibilities for where the story will go.

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