Writer: Joe Corallo
Artist: Lorenzo Colangeli
Cover Artist: Sweeney Boo
Letterer: Joamette Gil
Editor: Chris Fernandez
Book Design: Miguel Angel Zapata
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios

Becstar as a series has felt like a fast paced action sci-fi throughout, and this final issue is no exception. Becstar, Sally, two Paprika’s and Lord Mordecai finally find themselves at the location of Anyssa and the Creation Gauntlet. Becstar’s group hoping to defeat Mordecai and protect Anyssa, Mordecai hoping to take the gauntlet and its power for himself at any cost.

This is quite a twisty last issue, and some of the twists were a genuine surprise to me. This issue resolves the quest for the Creation Gauntlet and fills us in on some of Becstar and Sally’s past along the way, but I can’t help feeling like there was more to be told here. Don’t get me wrong, this is an enjoyable issue. However, I do feel like there’s some questions still to be answered and it would be nice to get those answers here. I still feel like there’s lots to learn about Sally and Becstar’s time together, and I still want to know more about Anyssa and Paprika. This issue does end with the classic setup for more to come and, although that’s not always a sure thing with indie comics, I do think Mad Cave seem to be pretty consistent when it comes to keeping a series going. So here’s hoping for more Becstar in the not so distant future.

While Joe Corallo’s writing is as good in this issue as it has been throughout the series, I do think there’s a couple of difficult to follow pages towards the end, which was disappointing. However, other than the previously mentioned unanswered questions, those are my only complaints for this issue, and maybe even this series.

Lorenzo Colangeli’s artwork remains on point here, the great glow in Anyssa’s palace creates an atmosphere that is in equal parts representative of the magic being and a neon sci-fi dream. His cartoonish style makes the scenes taking place feel over the top and unreal, but the great depictions of facial expressions and emotion brings everything crashing back down to earth.

As this is the final issue of Becstar I don’t want to give too much away, but as a series I’ve really enjoyed Becstar, I hope there’s more to come in the future and I also hope that anyone who’s missed this in singles checks out the trade, or checks out the issues on ComiXology. Becstar is without contest the most fun science fiction comic I’ve read this year.

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