Ever since shuffling off this mortal coil the Headless Horseman has been attempting to return from the grave to complete his reign of terror! But thankfully there’s a group of townsfolk dedicated to stopping such a thing from happening, all they have to do is figure out which teenager is the Horsemen’s host before he can regain his full power! However they don’t have many leads…so to find their target they’re…going to steal the souls of innocent teenagers… So obviously that’s a moral grey area…but it’s almost definitely for the greater good…I guess.

Robert Ahmad’s artwork and minimalist colour palette work tremendously for this story, creating a nostalgic but unsettling feeling throughout. Couple this with Alexander Banchita’s writing which is offbeat but deeply invested in the story being told and you’re in store for a book that feels like both creators really put their hearts (or maybe heads) into it.

Headless is an interesting take on the Headless Horseman mythos, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing, all with a presentation and cast of characters that you wouldn’t be surprised to catch in a late night slot on the Horror Channel…assuming there still is a horror channel…it’s hard to say if that’s still a thing with all these streaming services y’know?

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