I started off last year’s Halloween Recommendations with the first volume of Eliot Rahal’s series Cult Classic and it only seems fair to start off this year with the second instalment in the series; Creature Feature.

Once again we find ourselves back in the small town of Whisper, where another group of kids are hanging out watching horror movies and screwing around with a Ouija board, as you do, but when boredom strikes they venture out to hang out by a nearby lake, only to discover supernatural events taking place!

While the style of horror may be different in this volume, the glorious B-Movie vibes just keep on coming, there’s monsters, parasitic slugs, skeletons jumping out of bodies, it’s just a wonderfully ridiculous read. Rahal’s writing speaks of someone who’s spent too many nights watching low budget horror movies (and believe me I mean that in the best possible way), while John Bivens’ artwork captures gruesome body horror and would be brave heroes in all their glory.

Although Cult Classic is very much made of standalone stories, I’ll always be eager to have more of this series and I hope that soon we can once again return to Whisper.

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