Writer: Ricky Mammone
Artist: Max Bertolini
Letters: DC Hopkins

Second Chances is about a guy who gives people new identities after he helps them fake their deaths.

Paul is one of his clients. And Paul is planning on shooting himself before someone in an oni mask does the job for him.

Pauls’ daughter receives a mysterious email while attempting to hack her bosses computer hinting at a murky past (everyone involved has a murky past of course) and meets Miss Nobody, who may have brainwashed her.

Nameless main character then appears at Emma’s house I guess, and Emma starts calling him a demon and shoots at him. He knocks her out and gets a phone call from Miss Nobody, who seems very pleased with herself.

There as some great books about the criminal underworld. They mostly succeed by making you care about the people involved in some way. And herein lies the problem. I didn’t care about the guy running Second Chances. I didn’t care about his client Paul. I didn’t care about his nosy daughter Emma, even after she started shooting at people. And I did not care about Miss Nobody. I know little of anyone’s motivation here and thus have no investment.

The whole book is in black and white and is nicely drawn. But I just have no desire to look at a further issue. Maybe I’ll consider issue two if it’s a lean month, but there are so many good things to read. If you’re really into crime books then you might like this, but it’s difficult to recommend.

What to hear Angela, Matt and Zach’s thoughts on Second Chances #1? Check out our August Indie Comics Round-Up podcast!

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