There’s been some great comics the last few weeks. Here’s some gems you may have missed.

Jules Verne’s Lighthouse #5

This has been one of Angela’s favourite comics of the year and the finale definitely lived up to her expectations. There were twists even in this last issue. The panels are always interesting, the art really great and the writing is excellent.

If you enjoy science fiction fresh takes on classics and compelling characters (including a robot) then Jules Verne’s Lighthouse is really worth reading now all five issues are out. It’s a really well crafted tale and just so enjoyable to read.

If you need any further reasons check out Angela’s review of the last issue here (or any of her previous ones).

Alice in Leatherland #5

Speaking of favourite comics coming to an end with a final issue Alice in Leatherland has been one of Zach’s favourite discoveries of the year. It’s a really lovely tale about love and finding yourself and making your own happiness.

It’s been great to see how Alice and Robin have developed and come to realise what they mean to each other. They are ably supported by some wonderful characters whom it would be great to see more of in the future.

There’s every reason to check out Alice in Leatherland if you like a sweet romance with lovely art that fits the story so well.

With cute art and a really lovely ending you can check out Zach’s thoughts here (or again any of his previous reviews).

Moneyshot #14

Zach really likes Money Shot and he feels this is an essential issue in this current story arc. It’s really densely packed with both action and character work. It’s a really good chapter of this story.

There’s plenty of revelations but the individual character work is never neglected and features as heavily as anything else in this issue. All the emotions are beautifully captured by the art. It makes for a really strong all around issue.

If you are not familiar with Money Shot so far this issue probably wont do much for you but if you have been reading this is a very satisfying issue and worth checking out.

Zach’s review is here.

Time Before Time #5

As Time Before Time ends its first arc Angela remains very impressed by this book. It’s got stronger wth each issue as the chracters and world have been developed. The art has played a big role in that.

This is a really good way to end the first arc leaving plenty of qustions and possibilities for subsquent arcs but satisfying the journey so far. It’s a realy great way of endign th first arc and now that arc is omplete it;s the perfect time to check Time before Time out if you have not taken the time to do so before.

It’s a very good book but if you want more reasons to read it then you check out Angela’s review here.

Home Sick Pilots #9

Another of Bigger than Capes favourite comic this year has been Home ick Pilots. It’s just so consistently brilliant in both art and writing and Zach has been impressed with every issue.

This issue switches the focus back to Meg, Rip and System Disrupt with some really strong insight inot how badly Meg has been affected by the ghosts of the Nuclear Bastards.

The art really supports the story as well and never shies away from the more horrific aspects when required. It also really reflects the characters emotions.

For more reasons why you should be reading Home Sick Pilots Zach’s review is here.

Red Room #4

Luke’s been reading Red Room and enjoyed this revenge focused issue. With some classic tropes as we follow Raina Dukes, whose father was the victim in a famous Red Room video.

It’s disgusting, repugnant and highly entertaining.

You can read his thoughts here.

Primordial #1

A book that reunited the entire creative team of Gideon Falls was something Angela was looking forward to. She was not disappointed with this first issue of Primordial which really sets up an intriguing world and mystery.

It goes without saying that Angela is a fan of Jeff Lemire’s writing anyway but Primordial continues that high standard in the best ways. With a strong POV character for the reader and all manner of intrigue.

The art by Andrea Sorrentino is also excellent and really works so well with the writing. It feels like the art and writing are working as one. Not perhaps a surprise given this is h second book from this team. Excellent lettering too.

Get on board this excellent sci-fi read.

Angela’s review is here.

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