This month in Red Room #4 we meet Raina Dukes, whose father was the victim in a famous Red Room video. Now her mother has died Raina is out for revenge on Donna Butcher, queen of the VHS Red Rooms. We also get a narrator, the Crypto-Currency Keeper(fnarr), who takes a look inside the making of a murderer.

When not training for revenge she spends her time tattooing dubious people for free whilst collecting restitution checks from everyone convicted of viewing her father’s murder. This being the comic it is, we of course get to see this in excruciating detail.

Using a classic revenge trope, Raina gets herself convicted of downloading the very same video and gets sent to the same prison as Donna. This requires a bit of a logical leap, but then this is a comic book about grisly torture and my relentless logic is not required here. You can probably guess what happens next.

This plot point issue aside, Red Room continues to be one of the most horrible things I’ve ever looked at. It’s disgusting, repugnant and highly entertaining.

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