Publisher: Image
Writer and Artist: Mirka Andolfo
Colourist: Simon Tessuto
Letterer: Fabio Amelia

We briefly met Heaven’s Express delivery person Dill in the last issue, a flirty dickhead with an adorable dog. He really ups his dickhead credentials by cock-blocking his own stepdad in the first few pages of this issue.

Inevitably Dill has taken an interest in Paprika, but this interest does not seem mutual. I assume there will be hilarious consequences at some stage. There’s also the matter of a mysterious parcel for Paprika.

It transpires that our put upon protagonist is still pining for an ex, which might be the source of some of her hangups and misdirected fury at her underlings. It also transpires that her dad is a massive wanker, which is definitely the source of the rest of her hangups!

Once again Mirka Andolfo keeps it funny and filthy in both script and art. I guess we’re meant to be rooting for Paprika here, but it’s fun to watch her deal with what seems to be a constant rain of crap in her life.

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