Story: Skottie Young
Art: Jorge Corona
Colours: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Lettering: Nate Piekos of Blambot
3D Model of the house: David Stoll
Editors: Joel Enos & Kent Wagenschutz
Production Artist: Deanna Phelps

My review of The Me You Love In The Dark #1 was a bit lukewarm (pun not intended) as not much happened and Image sent what I assumed was a really low res review copy.

Image have sent #2 in a similar form, so I have to assume to weird, pixelated, bad-jpeg type compression effect and slightly shonky looking lines are part of the effect they’re going for, which is a choice I’m not a fan of. That said, I think some of the lack of sharpness in the linework is in keeping with the fact that the protagonist uses brushes in her own art, and I do quite like how Ro and the house are drawn. I will try not to refer to the visuals again.

Plot-wise – we actually get going here. Having met the ghost type thing at the end of the first issue, this issue is basically a dialogue between Ro and the as-yet-unnamed entity, who can interact with physical objects to the extent it can whip up some coffee. This conversation leads Ro out of her creative block and she paints a portrait of how she perceives the entity to look.

As Ro enjoys the praise of her work, the entity begins to embrace her, then the last page hints at something much darker, and that’s what has really piqued my interest. Because it’s not merely a human form the entity has – it’s a cacophony of eyes and teeth and phallic tentacles.

In short – slow start, but things might just have got compelling.

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