Written by: Tim Seeley & Sarah Beattie
Drawn by: Caroline Leigh Layne
Coloured by: Kurt Michael Russell
Lettered by: Crank!
Publisher: Vault

This is an incredibly dense issue of Money Shot. Annie and Doug are still in peril on Pahtep, moments away from being fed to nightmare creatures, while the rest of the XXX-Plorers find themselves face to face with what they’d previously believed to be the cosmic equivalent of an urban legend – Skulzoch Prohl.

Kicking off with an attack from Skulzoch Prohl, the XXX-Plorers have to find a solution to the alien shooting at them so they can continue with their mission to save Annie (and Doug I guess) , something much easier said than done. Though perhaps Annie and Doug are more in control of the situation than you might think.

There’s a lot of fast revelations throughout Money Shot #14 as we learn a lot more about Skulzoch Prohl, Kirkwood and Annie and Doug’s captors. Each of these moments lead to one chaotic development after another.

With no shortage of action in this issue of Money Shot Caroline Leigh Layne is given perhaps her most challenging chapter to illustrate yet, but she succeeds on every level. Capturing every moment of action and emotion while juggling the expanded cast of characters. From terrifying beasts to animal people Caroline Leigh Layne has every Money Shot possibility covered. As always, her art is wonderfully complimented by Kurt Michael Russell’s colouring. In particular, his colouring within this issue shines in it’s palette changes during flashbacks and in the attention to detail in any instance of lighting.

This is a really great chapter of Money Shot, yes I’m aware that I say that every month but this genuinely feels like an essential issue within this story arc. Pushing the collective narrative forward whilst also giving us a look at some individual characters’ personal stories in the process. I’ve consistently praised Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie’s character work throughout the series and this issue is no exception. 

While there’s a lot happening in this issue it’s pacing works really well, never skipping a beat and giving every aspect of the story as much attention as it needs and, judging by the end of this issue, it looks like business is about to pick up. I feel like the next issue might be just as dense as this one, and honestly, I can’t wait.

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