Writer: Joe Corallo
Artist: Lorenzo Colangeli
Cover Artist: Sweeney Boo
Letterer: Joamette Gil
Editor: Chris Fernandez
Book Design: Miguel Angel Zapata
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios

Becstar races towards its conclusion in spectacular fashion with this penultimate issue. The series has never been short on action, but this issue goes all in. Lord Mordecai and Ozgar are hot on the trail of our heroes as they head to Anyssa’s location.

A good chunk of this issue is spent navigating through the asteroid field that we learnt about last month, with the bad guys just behind our heroes. There’s some good tension in the pursuit with technological problems making it even more of a challenge. Along the way we see the two Paprika’s do their part to help survive the experience. I found it really interesting that this issue barely acknowledged the sudden appearance of a duplicate Paprika, which definitely plays into how ludicrous the world of Becstar really is.

We also see some flashbacks of Mordecai and Anyssa in a time when it looks like they were much more aligned. Which in itself begs the question of if the heroes know as much about Anyssa as they think they do.

Lorenzo Colangeli’s artwork continues to impress, capturing the cartoonish sci-fi adventure in glorious detail, forever displaying character emotion and the constant chaos of the narrative. Interesting choices with panelling and a colour palette that changes with the setting also work wonders to maintain an interesting dynamic throughout the issue.

When we discussed the first issue of Becstar on the podcast, I mentioned that I love a good Prequel Trilogy reference so Lord Mordecai’s “Wipe them out, all of them.” line felt like it was there especially for me.

It’s a fast paced adventure in space with plenty of action and spaceship fighting, plus the ongoing mystery of the second Paprika who appeared at the of last issue; in every moment it’s a fun ride to be along for. Becstar is a comic I look forward to every month and I’m excited to see how this story will conclude next month, but I would also love to see more of this world and its characters in the future.

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