There’s been a great mix of comics this week. Here’s what the Bigger Than Capes crew has enjoyed the most.

Echolands #1

Luke was very impressed by the sheer quality of the art work on this book which is a darker take on the traditional Red Riding Hood tale.

With such great artwork and a promising plot he’s looking forward to seeing more from this creative team.

Check out Luke’s thoughts Here.

Old Head

Do you like vampires? Do you like Basketball? Then Old Head might just be the book for you. Even if you don’t know much about either you will probably enjoy this humorous take on some classic tropes, as Luke did when he reviewed it.

As always with Kyle Starks (whom we’re big fans of here at Bigger Than Capes) it’s a fun book with fun art and worth checking out.

Luke’s thoughts can be found Here.

Barbaric #3

Angela has really been enjoying Barbaric and this is the end of the first arc. There’s plenty of magic, gore and a really drunken Axe.

There’s some really solid character work in this issue as get insight into Owen in particular as well as seeing just how strong his relationship with witch Soren really is. That development has been one of the best aspects of this book over the last few issues.

There’s some really strong action. Owen cleaves and slices his way through a whole pack of bad guys. Not to say this is a book just with gore. There’s also the same humour running through. Even when the odds don’t look good you can rely on the humour to lift the mood.

The art is great and the books is a genuine fun read. With the first arc complete it’s worth checking Barbaric out.

Angela’s review is Here.

The Blue Flame #4

The Blue Flame is one of Zach’s favourite series this year. This issue continues to provide the great storytelling he’s been enjoying throughout this series.

There’s some real development for Sam this issue as his arc continues to grow. As the issues go on a clearer picture of how everything connects together. We can see the progress that both versions of Sam need to make.

The art is a particular standout as the panelling really has an effect on the dynamics of the storytelling. The style absolutely fits the story that’s being told and the colouring really helps divide the two sides of the story.

Zach’s full review can be found Here.

Ninjak #2

Angela is really loving this new run of Ninjak. She very much enjoyed the first issue and is very pleased to find that the second issue maintains the quality of the writing and art work continues in this second issue.

There’s development of the plot as we get a better idea of who the villain is and what he might be up to.

We also get development between Myna and Colin as they are forced into yet another fight for their lives. There’s a lot of trust that has to developed very quickly under slightly stressful circumstances but there’s clearly a lot of respect there too.

The action in the art is great and the art itself always interesting. There are some really clever character designs and some nice panel work. The colours really make it pop.

Very much worth checking out the first two issues.

Angela’s review is Here.

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