Writer: Doug Wagner
Artist: Daniel Hillyard
Colourist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Editor: Keven Gardner
Designer: Sasha E Head
Publisher: Image

I had hoped we’d get some answers to some of the many questions raised so far, and we do get at least one by the end of Vinyl #3.

First off we get to see what Rennie is about. As shown on the cover Rennie goes for that Bathory “bathing in blood” vibe, but with a bit of an Ed Gein flavour. She seems fun. The twins are clearly big fans, worryingly so.

There’s another hint at the zombie looking creatures previously shown, but we’re still none the wiser there. This series really likes keeping its secrets, the tease.

The extremely graphic violence is taken up another notch, with some very inventive gore. If you’ve been enjoying Red Room you’ll probably find it a bit tame (and you’ll definitely need counselling at some point in the future) but there’s more humour in this than outright grimness.

There’s not a huge amount of story in this issue, to be honest. It feels like what it is – part 3 of a 6 part story. But we do find out why Walter needs his tunes on. If you want to know why I guess you’ll have to read the damn thing.

This issue isn’t a standalone classic – if you picked up the story here you’d put it back down again – but at the halfway mark Vinyl is shaping up well.

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