Nash Gliven was a basketball player, the enforcer/goon type who would bash heads for the team. Now he’s in his 50s with a daughter and is about to sell his mum’s old house to the weirdo up the hill. The weirdo’s house seems to be full of horrendous pick-up artists with an unhealthy interest in the owner. Who is the weirdo? Well he doesn’t like garlic, doesn’t have a reflection and is of eastern European origin.

Old Head is a fun book that gives a different take on the classic vampire tropes, with Dracula portrayed as the poster boy for toxic masculinity. I probably missed some clever basketball references because it’s not a sport I know, but the whole thing is funny throughout.

The art style is clean and simple when it suits and full of detail when the panel calls for it, but it feels like no one draws quite like Kyle Starks. He’s not afraid to drop a full page in or have page-width panels when the plot calls for it. There’s nothing flashy, it’s all to serve the plot, and it works really well. And sound effects are thrown in frequently and hilariously.

I know nothing about basketball, and I’m not that arsed about vampire stories, but I really enjoyed this funny basketball based vampire story.

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