Co-Creators/Co-Writers: J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman
Art & Design: J.H. Williams III
Colours: Dave Stewart
Letters: Todd Klein
Additional Design: Drew Gill
Publisher: Image Comics

My first impression was wow, this book is beautiful. Every page is packed with detail. There’s a mix of standard pencil/ink and watercolour styles, which works really nicely, even when they’re being used to render an exploding head.

An exploding head, you say? Yep.

Echolands appears to be a dark take on a fairy tale world, and it seems our protagonist is an adult Red Riding Hood – not a new concept but let’s go with it. She’s called Hope, and having nicked something from a wizard, spends a chunk of this running from some folk in very fascist uniforms. It seems her powers manifest at the point she’s cornered with nowhere to run, and then some nazi types get their heads exploded.

As you’d imagine, the wizard, Teros Demond, isn’t best pleased and gets a lackey to send in some dog-headed minions to kill Hope and her friend Cor, and that’s about it for issue #1.

The creative team have a stellar CV. Their postscripts let us know this has been a labour of love for them, and it does feel like it. While it’s early days, I got Alan Moore vibes from this.

So, we’ve got great art and a promising plot, plus occasional exploding heads. What’s not to love?

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