Anyone who knows us here at Bigger than Capes will know we’re big fans of David Pepose’s work.

So of course the Kickstarter for his latest project, issue #2 of The O.Z. was definitely something we were going to be interested in.

So what is The O.Z. about? Well…

THE O.Z. follows Dorothy Gale’s granddaughter and namesake, a disillusioned Iraq war veteran who is swept up by a tornado and dropped into the war-torn land of Oz. Now leading the Resistance against the Scarecrow’s regime, Dorothy must join forces with the Tin Soldier, the Prince of Lions and Jack Pumpkinhead if she hopes to locate the all-powerful Silver Slippers and bring peace to the Occupied Zone… or as the locals call it, The O.Z.

It’s a really great book and Angela & Zach will be discussing The O.Z. on the podcast in the future. It’s full of wonderful art, great characters and a really interesting plot. And don’t worry if you missed out the first issue there are lots of tiers available for you to catch up!

“We are incredibly thrilled for The O.Z. to make its long-awaited return to Kickstarter,” said series writer David Pepose. “Thanks to the overwhelming support of more than 1,200 backers in our last campaign, we’re excited to pull the curtain back and lead our Yellow Brick Road Warriors through even more of our dangerous and sweeping fantasy world. If you’re a fan of L. Frank Baum’s iconic Wizard of Oz mythology, you’ll love our action-packed twist with The O.Z.”  

I’d say even if you’re not a fan or familiar with the Wizard of Oz you should check out The O.Z. because it is just a really great book and an excellent read.

THE O.Z.’s Kickstarter will fund the series’ 44-page second issue, with early bird specials and catch-up tiers available for those who missed the first campaign.

Rewards include: 

  • Behind-the-scenes materials including David Pepose’s script, Ruben Rojas’ raw inks, and Whitney Cogar’s untouched colors;
  • Four covers by Ruben Rojas, Maan House, Farid Karami, and Cem Iroz
  • Online pitch review by David Pepose
  • Original art commissions from Ruben Rojas
  • A chance to get drawn into the book
  • Three limited-edition sets of Scout’s Honor Ranger Scout merit badges
  • Three limited-edition Spencer & Locke handmade plushies
  • A store signing with writer David Pepose anywhere in the continental U.S.

And great news! The Kickstarter was FULLY FUNDED in less than an hour. I think that speaks volumes as to the quality of this book and the strength of the creative team. It deserves your support, there’s no risk here, if you back it you’ll get a quality book.

Check out the Kickstarter here: The O.Z. KICKSTARTER

And you can follow the progress of The O.Z. via Twitter

If you want to hear more about The O.Z. you can check out Angela’s interview with creator David Pepose below, or wherever you get your podcasts!

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