Yes Ninjak cover on Free Comic Book Day

You might be aware that Angela is a rather big Valiant fan (and also enjoys writing about herself in the third person). She’s reviewing the new Ninjak series and if you want to check out her review of issue #1 you can do so here: Angela’s review

The launch of the new Ninjak series has been accompanied by Ninjak making the cover of the Valiant Free Comic Book Day offering this year. Not only is there a Ninjak cover but also Ninjak on the inside in a story to whet the appetite of anyone who is already onboard with the new Ninjak and tempt those who might not have checked it out yet.

You’ll probably get the most out of this if you have already read Ninjak #1 so you at least know who Ninjak and Myna are. Not to say that a reader can’t come in cold because you could and it will work, but the background probably helps with working out at the very least who the people involved are, even if the plot might still not be that obvious to you.

The art draws you in as it does with the current Ninjak series. It’s a real departure for Valiant who have had a distinctive house style for a long time (since their 2012 relaunch). There is some really interesting panel work that I always appreciate, I like it when there’s something different which means I have to concentrate a bit as a reader. It’s fun to have to reread panels that way.

You do get a good sense of both Ninjak and Myna here, with some nice action and tension involved. It’s free comic book content so there’s not a huge amount, but what’s here is very impactful, particularly with the art and characters and really that’s what you want. It does what it needs to.

It’s got me excited for more Ninjak as I like what I see here. Hopefully it might encourage a few more people to check out one of the most interesting offerings Valiant has out out in recent years.

Here are the previews:

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