Writer: Matthew Erman
Artist: Shelby Criswell
Letterer: Micah Myers
Editor: Chris Sanchez
Book Designer: David Reyes

Terminal Punks is a story about a punk band in an airport terminal. The title is very much on the nose.

One of the first pages is the listening list, which is a who’s who of American punk bands. I owned most of the records mentioned back when people owned records. As such, I was cautiously optimistic about this book.

For reasons known only to the writer, it appears that they are being attacked by mutant animals named after vape flavours. The mutant animals are the property of a rich lad called Hart Kelsey, who is a classic bastard.

The young punk band have some interesting interpersonal relationships, and they provide whatever heart this strange book has. Because it seems like it’s being intentionally flippant about the whole giant mutant monsters named after vape flavours, and I’m not sure what I’m meant to make of it. Do I need to be more ironically disaffected to fully appreciate what’s going on here?

I feel like I’m obliged to talk about art, colours and lettering in comic book reviews. A lot of comic book art is just ok. This is one of those books. I have nothing much to say about it. Sometimes I’m only writing the review because I’ve gone to the trouble of reading something.

I enjoyed the music references, mostly rooted in the 90s. The plot is an absolute mess of a thing, and it was hard to care about anyone or anything. If they were making a point I have missed it. Several times I thought to myself – well why is this happening, and why should I care? And there were no adequate answers to these questions. It’s positive that there’s some queer representation in there, and the band member’s interactions are the most interesting thing about this book. It does however lead to a band with two couples – it’s probably for the best that the story ends there as inter-band romantic relationships generally do not end well.

I don’t enjoy writing or reading bad reviews. This is not a bad review. This is just okay. I thought it might be my thing, but it is not.

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