Writer: Joe Corallo
Artist: Lorenzo Colangeli
Cover Artist: Sweeney Boo
Letterer: Joamette Gil
Editor: Chris Fernandez
Book Design: Miguel Angel Zapata
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios

Becstar, Sally and Paprika are getting closer to finding Anyssa and the Creation Gauntlet, with Lord Mordecai and his forces on their trail, but an inconvenient asteroid field sees our heroes having to take a detour to acquire some asteroid navigation tech before they can complete their quest.

On the villainous side of things we are presented with a little more of Mordecai and his consumption amulet in action. A theme that’s continued in the flashback we’re treated to. We get to see the group dynamics of Becstars old crew, and some early hints of Mordecai not being such a great guy, trying to cut Becstar out and convince Anyssa that the two of them alone would be a force to be reckoned with.

The flashback plays nicely against Becstar’s conversation in the present, as she questions Paprika’s motivation for trying to get to the gauntlet only to be reminded that Mordecai destroying reality would be bad for Paprika, y’know because she lives in reality. There’s a clear Guardians Of The Galaxy reference there, but it fits the scene perfectly and continues the series’ trend of wearing its influences on its sleeve.

The artwork in Becstar continues to be a major draw, packed with emotion, movement and great sci-fi action all round. Unique panel layouts also really help to keep everything feeling fresh throughout while creating a great sense of dynamics.

The colouring is also on point, showing a distinct change in colour schemes between scenes, so every location and flashback is clear throughout.

Becstar #3 doesn’t miss a beat, this issue is a fun science fiction adventure that does a great job of filling in some character backstories, while continuing to move forward and introducing an interesting cliffhanger for the next instalment.

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