Written by: Tim Seeley & Sarah Beattie
Drawn by: Caroline Leigh Layne
Coloured by: Kurt Michael Russell
Lettered by: Crank!
Publisher: Vault

Skulzoch Prohl, that’s the kind of name that immediately instills fear, at least if you’re raised in space. The kind of badass bounty hunter name that you don’t get very often. So commit it to memory. Because it’s a totally badass name that’s appeared in Money Shot, so when we’re seeing ol’ Skulzoch in a sex scene any issue now you shouldn’t be surprised…I mean you can probably afford a little surprise, but it will be very on brand.

The opening pages of Money Shot #13 chronicle the legend of Skulzoch Prohl, which is definitely a departure from what we usually see in the series. Sure we’ve had unlikely interludes throughout the twelve issues that have come before, but this feels decidedly more sinister, and I’m legitimately curious to see where we’re heading.

Last month Doug and Annie ended the issue being captured by a group of gruesome looking hunters as Annie attempted to save Doug from Omalaud-3-Epsilon and the spell he’d fallen under on their previous brief stopover there. With a little help from Little Shot the other XXX-plorers will eventually learn of the peril they’re in, but not before Chris leads Omar to Brie to try and warn her that her new XXX-XXX-plorers colleges have in fact been trafficked to Earth by the aforementioned Skulzoch and all is not what it seems in Brie’s new venture.

I see now just how ridiculous explaining a single issue of Money Shot really is; though that’s definitely part of the charm of Money Shot. Each new character added to the story gives the world more weird and wonderful depth. Obviously I’ve gotten a bit hung up on Skulzoch, but Kirkwood is also a great addition to this issue, and has one of my favourite one liners (you’ll know it when you read it).

There’s some fun character work in this issue and I’m enjoying how the relationships between everyone are being given plenty of attention in this arc. Splitting up the XXX-plorers has definitely been a great choice to expand on what we’ve seen in the previously.

As always I had a great time reading Money Shot this month. Honestly, after thirteen issues of praise if you’re not reading this series yet I’m not sure there’s much I can do to convince you, but as always I’d recommend picking up Money Shot and getting caught up.

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