Created by: Matthew Erman & Lisa Sterle
Coloured by: Gab Contreras
Lettered by: Andworld Design

Something weird is happening in Sargasso, and it’s not the fault of another new witch, Arteria, and her otter friend. So of course our Yonna and her hex hunter companions are about to make an unscheduled pit stop there.

This little desert town is suspiciously moist but seemingly lacking in fuel. Arteria emerges half-drowned from a big hole, and Yonna inevitably makes friends with an otter. And then things get tentacle-ey.

Once again, Witchblood delivers a great script, great art and a few chuckles to boot. I’m hoping this trio sticks together a little longer as there’s a nice dynamic developing. We seem to be heading to the end of this arc and a showdown with the Hounds, but fingers crossed we get more of this series as there’s so much potential.

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