There’s been a lot of good books out the last fortnight so choosing the Pull List has been hard (we could have had a list of a dozen books ore more). So it didn’t seem too bad to include 8 books. There’s hopefully something for everyone on this list. Whether you like animals from outer space, secret agent ninjas, horror from the future, shape shifting shadows, social commentary, family memories, time travel plotting, or are running form ghosts there’s hopefully something for you here.

They Fell From The Sky #5

Luke had previously reviewed the first 4 issues and enjoyed this fifth and final issue as well.

He’s keen to see these characters again and has appreciated the space lasers.

It’s always nice to see a comic aimed at a younger audience that works for all ages as this does.

You can check out his full review here: Luke’s Review

Ninjak #1

As anyone knows, Valiant owns Angela’s soul. She’s read Ninjak going all the way back to the 90’s so she was delighted to be reviewing the new run.

With excellent and distinctive art and a fresh take on a character who has had quite a few versions over the years this first issue hit all the right buttons for Angela.

A great jumping on point for fans old and new.

You can check out Angela’s review here.

The Silver Coin #4

As you may know from previous reviews Zach has been enjoying The Silver Coin so far. This issue takes thing is a very different direction as it set in the future.

As a fan of Jeff Lemire’s work Zach was looking forward to this issue and was not disappointed. It was not a surprise, given the writer involved, that this had a sci-fi twist.

The art was excellently creepy which really fits with the setting.

With plenty of places for The Silver Coin to go this was a welcome instalment.

You can read more of Zach’s thoughts in his review here.

Shadecraft #5

The last issue in this first arc really impressed Angela. She’s been enjoying the series all the way through and was not disappointed with the conclusion in this fifth issue.

With strong themes of the importance of family, and art that has really worked well with the use of shadows throughout there’s plenty of emotion as the first arc draws to a close.

Although Angela has tried to keep surprises out of her review she recommends catching up on Shadecraft. She’s enjoyed the character work and the artwork. Both have been very solid.

You can find out more by reading her review here.

Home #4

Angela has been continually impressed by how well this book works real world injustices into the story of one gifted boy’s struggles.

This penultimate issue really raises the stakes and the reader can’t help but be emotionally invested at this point. If this book does one thing really well it’s to make you feel.

Angela’s review is here if you want to read more about how important this book is in our present day.


In Zach’s words:

“I feel like without a doubt this is going to be among the best trades to come out this year. It’s a pure showcase of talent, from Sean Lewis’ emotional and layered writing to Caitlin Yarsky and Ari Pluchinsky’s stunning artwork. You should absolutely read Bliss.”

There’s no greater endorsement of a book with twists and turns, an emotional core and gorgeous artwork.

If you want more detailed reasons why you should read this trade then you can read Zach’s review here.

Time Before Time #3

There’s less time travel and more character travel, well character development if you will, in this third issue of Time Before Time, a book that Angela’s been really enjoying. This third issue build on things again as we learn more about the characters and their pasts.

With wonderful character expression in the art and a future world that’s well depicted, plus the character plot it’s becoming a real all round solid read.

You can find out more in Angela’s review here.

Home Sick Pilots #7

Home Sick Pilots continues to be be of Zach’s favourite books. As this issue takes us back to the end of the first arc to pick up what happened to some of the characters we’ve been following Zach doesn’t want to give too much away. Needless to say there’s some real scary stakes involved.

Although it’s clear that the art is just so well suited to this story and still maintains the highest quality. It really helps the solid writing as well as plot threads from earlier in the run are picked up again.

Read Zach’s review here to find out why you should read Home Sick Pilots.

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