Written & Lettered by: John Layman
Drawn & Coloured by: Dan Boultwood
Publisher: Image

After the first arc of Chu I wasn’t entirely sure if that was the end, or if I needed to buckle up for more to be added to the story. So the announcement of Chu #6 was a pleasant surprise. 

When last we saw Saffron she was leaving prison following a three year sentence due to quite a lot of crimes she’d committed in the first five issues. It was at this point that she broke the news to her brother Tony that after spending three years sharing meals in a prison with all kinds of criminals she was leaving as the ultimate criminal mastermind.

Now we catch up with Saffron aboard a cruise ship with her ‘crew’, her knucklehead boyfriend Eddie, and her frequently sleeping grandfather Ong Chu. As they do their rounds on the ship working every possible kind of hustle, from pickpocketing to elaborate casino heists, Saffron is greeted with the opportunity to take part in a bigger scheme, in which lies the hook for the coming issues.

Chu remains a ridiculous series in all the best ways, this issue is as funny and unpredictable as all the previous instalments in both Chu and it’s predecessor Chew. John Layman’s writing carries an authentic and unmistakable quirkiness, which I’ll always be a fan of, and Dan Boultwood’s artwork compliments Layman’s writing perfectly. 

I feel like there’s more going on in Chu than initially meets the eye and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s to come in the long term, especially when it comes to characters like Ong, whose dark backstory we occasionally see glimpses of, but I feel like he will become more significant to proceedings than he immediately is.

If you haven’t checked out the first volume of Chu I would definitely recommend doing so, there’s a lot of fun to be had following Saffron’s strange story.

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