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Do you enjoy Norse mythology? Do you enjoy space? Do you enjoy retellings of Norse mythology in space? Then you might already be familiar with The Jotunn War. The current campaign is over on a few days and is for the fourth and final issue along with the hard cover collected edition. If you are not already familiar with it then let us explain what the Vikingverse is.

The best way to explain is to probably let the creators’ words do it:

The Vikingverse is a parallel timeline where Christianity has been put to the Viking sword. In a series of interwoven sagas, the storied heroes of mankind emerge in new and brutal guises drawn from the pages of mythology, fighting for a future stretched to breaking point by the ever-present peril of Ragnarok.

You may have a passing familiarity with some aspects of Norse mythology (even if it is from those well known films starring Chris Hemsworth) but what the Vikingverse does is really delve deep into the mythological and spiritual aspects of the Vikings to build a new take on the worlds and beings mentioned but in the vastness of a world beyond our own.

If you are going to set a mythology out in space then Norse mythology has everything you need with its tales of other worlds woven into the very fabric of it. This is a mythology of other realms, home to gods and monsters. Really it makes perfect sense to juxtapose these aspects with the vastness of space. To tell the story of other realms as the Vikings have reached out and touched them.

Despite the technological trappings these men are still Vikings. That’s very clear in the way they are driven to most of their actions which do lead them to some dark places. This book doesn’t shy away from those dark places or the darkness in the hearts of men and gods. Not to mention the Jotunn who are rendered as a real threat.

There are also many images that will be familiar to those of you aware of Vikings and Norse mythology. You’ll probably have several moments of – I understood that reference. The story plays heavily into the epic nature of tales of heroes of old. It is a sweeping tale that encompasses a war fought on a scale beyond that of men. If you are into Norse mythology you’ll probably get the most out of it but if not then you can always appreciate some tough men going to war with giants.

If you want to get on board with this you still have a few days. It’s fully funded so backing now will get you whatever Norse themed reward you wish for.

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