Written by: Liezl Buenaventura
Art by: Xavier Tarrega
Coloured by: DJ Chavis
Lettered by: Joamette Gil
Publisher: Mad Cave

We jump back in with what looks like a full-on alien invasion fleet about to take over the small town, but is in fact a massive search for furry protagonist Orion. What follows in a fast-paced dash through quite a lot of story because they’ve chosen to cram this entire tale into 5 issues, and it very much feels like they’re in a rush to get to the end. Whether we will see any of these characters again I can’t say, but if not there’s a lot of world-building gone to waste.

Literally any reference to the plot at this point would be a spoiler (see my roundup of #1-#4 for what this comic is about), but we get a lot of callbacks, a good old fashioned plot twist and a large number of lasers being fired.

While I’ve enjoyed this series, which seems aimed at a fairly young market, this final frantic issue could and should have been spaced out over 2 comics. Such is the nature of production. It seems that the trade is out in August so I guess it was planned this way. I’d be keen to see some of these characters again so I hope there are more stories in the pipeline.

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