Welcome to this weeks picks from the Bigger Than Capes team. This week we have the conclusion to a grim reaper’s tale, the beginning of a werewolf detectives story, an angst riddled penultimate issue from Vault, another detectives continuing investigation in San Francisco, and the start of a story chronicling the lives of gods on Earth.

Check them all out below.

Karmen #5

The final issue of Karmen was a perfect conclusion. Angela has been reviewing this book since issue #2 and it has had a real personal resonance with her. As it comes to an end there’s an emotional impact.

The art is beautiful. There’s large sweeping panels taking in the world. There’s wonderful panels highlighting little details. There’s also some evocative renditions of the other world with Karmen’s colleagues. There’s so much wonderful world building through the art alone.

Overall though there’s such heart to this story. There’s some wonderful character work as there has ben throughout and moments to make your heart pound and moments to make you cry.

Highly recommended to check out all 5 issues of Karmen. One of the best books of the year. This is comics at their best.

Black’s Myth #1

Do you like Film-Noir-ish detectives with a supernatural twist? Zach does and found that Black’s Myth was a excellent take on the idea. It delivers what you would expect but the supernatural aspect makes it stand out from other such stories.

The black and white art really suits the noir-ish feel of the world. Right from the opening with central character Strummer bleeding out in the bath. Strummer is a werewolf but there are also other supernatural creatures form a half-Djinn to a dog who is more than he seems.

It’s a really entertaining issue with plenty of great ideas well executed. The writing ticks all the detective noir and supernatural boxes. Of course we will be paying close attention to the character Ben who says he’s from Manchester.

Wrapping up with a classic private investigator setup this is a strong first issue that successfully weds the concepts of Film Noir and the Supernatural.

Hollow Heart #5

In the penultimate issue of Hollow Heart there’s even more angst. This series has been so emotional so far and this issue really keeps up the pace as Angela found out.

Ideas explored in the first issue start to come back here as the narrative takes the time to reference the metaphors that were told to us back at the start of the story. It’s really great to swing back around back to those early moments and it makes Hollow Heart feel so well plotted. The story has been really well woven throughout but that’s really on show this issue.

The art too continues to be so poignant. There’s some panels that so clearly show the characters emotion. So much of the story is in those little moments in the art. There’s some real emotional heft.

Angela is looking forward to what promises to be an angst ridden finale.

The Good Asian #3

It’s not often Angela gets to say that a comic gets better each issue but that’s very much the case with The Good Asian.

The introduction of a new female character really adds to the historical narrative as we see a woman’s perspective on the time and city, while the mystery around the disappearance of Ivy deepens.

The art continues to help build the world. It draws you into a different time and place giving life to historical San Francisco and the different aspects of the Chinese community. The colouring really helps set the scene and the art also does great character work too.

As the mystery gets even more interesting, the historical perspective continues to be very interesting and the cast of characters is expanded The Good Asian looks to be a book that will just keep getting better.

Ordinary Gods #1

The real hook for Zach with Ordinary Gods is the character of Christopher. He’s a relatable protagonist experiencing some very understandable troubles. Is he the host of god The Luminary? That’s the central question.

Ordinary Gods is another take on gods/immortals/embodiments of concepts trapped in human form but Christopher is the character that makes it different.

No spoilers here as the unfolding of the world building is better experienced first hand. The art is pretty decent and the lettering very good along with the overall design.

Really good character work in this first issue.

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