Welcome to this weeks picks from the Bigger Than Capes team. This week we have a dystopian struggle for survival in a winter wasteland, the return of our favourite alien sex porn creating scientists, a witch who is running away from vampires out for her literal blood and a change of creatives for a book that takes meta to a whole new level. Check them all out below.

Snow Angels Season One

Angela read Snow Angels Season One this week and was very impressed. As she put it: Occasionally a book comes along that is so elegant in its simplicity of writing, art and world building that you just end up blown away. Snow Angels Season One is one of those books.

The plot of a small family fighting to survive was expertly told weaving in world building and mythology as it went. The art was impactful with a strong colour palette which really brings the harshness of the world of the trench to life. The characters are also well drawn in both writing and art terms.

There are twists and turns and shocking moments with characters who you soon empathise with, even worlds apart. You’re just drawn into their struggle.

Very highly recommended on all levels.

Money Shot #12

After Zach asked to spend time with Doug and Annie this issue delivers. The real strength is the character work. As well as spending time with Doug and Annie there’s also Omar spending time with Chis and there is a check in with Bree as well. Having spent so much time with these characters it’s really good that the solid character writing is still very much present.

There’s also plot development as we meet the antagonists for the rest of the arc. As Zach says though there’s a solid base of recurring characters to draw on and there’s some welcome returns of characters form the earlier arcs of Money Shot.

There is a lot of praise to give this book which continues to be really on the money with the art, characters and plot. The amazing balancing act of comedy, sci-fi adventure, sex and down to earth moments continues here and Zach is really pleased to see just how fun the series remains.

Witchblood #1 – #4

This week Luke got caught up on all 4 issues of Witchblood and had a good time doing so. There’s a fun little world to explore with protagonist (and witch) Yonna D’Arc Yonna has an anti-hero vibe and a penchant for attracting trouble of all kinds. The book is certainly never dull.

With plenty of music references for those amongst you who enjoy that sort of thing (Luke certainly does and appreciated them) there’s also some really strong character work on show. All the characters have depth and personalty. Not to mention some excellent outfits and intriguing hints about their back stories.

There’s a lot to recommend here. There’s a real mix of body count, death, and comedy. This comic knows what it is and the creative team of actual real-life couple Matthew Erman (words) and Lisa Sterle (art) have put a lot of effort into building a world that takes the reader on a strange but fun journey.

Well worth catching up on these four issues.

Crossover #7

It’s a whole new arc for Crossover and a new writer. Chip Zdarsky takes over and plunges this book into a whole new area of meta weirdness that beautifully references Chip’s work on several levels. Zach found a lot to enjoy as Chip, or Steve Murray the man he would be if he was on the run and trying to leave behind the version of himself comic book fans are most familiar with, leads us on a journey as he tries to escape whichever character is pursuing him (he doesn’t know).

Those who know Chip’s work will find a lot to enjoy here. There’s a classic Zdarsky protagonist (somewhat literally) and meta references that once again give the book a lot of fun depth to those familiar with them.

The other new members of the creative team, Phil Hester and Ande Parks do a really great job on the art with some nice subtle touches. It’s helped by returning colourist Dee Cunniffe still doing a great job which helps with the continuity to previous issues, along with John J. Hill’s lettering.

Crossover #7 is a great addition to the ongoing narrative.

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