Home #3

Angela’s been reviewing Home and I think she summed it up best when she said “The emotion practically leaps off the page.”

Home is a series packed with emotion, following with the story of Juan and Mercedes as they get caught up in the United States immigration system. There’s been no shortage of surprises throughout so far and this issue is no exception. If you haven’t been reading Home so far you should definitely pick it up.

Becstar #2

Becstar #1 was a pleasant surprise that turned up on our May comics round-up podcast. It’s a series that feels part space opera and part archaeological adventure. We follow Becstar, Sally and Paprika as they get closer to finding Becstar’s old friend Anyssa and the Creation Gauntlet she’s in possession of. Providing they can overcome living gems, robot mercenaries and anything else Lord Mordecai can throw at them.

It’s a fun read from start to finish, and exactly the kind of comic that passes too many people by, so I’d definitely recommend giving it a look.

Time Before Time #2

Time Before Time #1 was a good first issue, introducing us to Tatsuo, the shady Syndicate that he works for and in the closing pages the FBI agent that was about to get him stranded at a random point in time.

This second issue does a great job to build on everything we’ve learnt in the first issue, and introduces plenty of new ideas and questions along the way. Perhaps most importantly we’re introduced to The Union, opposition to The Syndicate for shady time travelling antics.

The Silver Coin #3

Bridging the gap between the first two issues The Silver Coin #3 is a great and bloody interlude that tells us more about the eponymous coin as we follow the story of three burglars on the run from the police after accidentally killing the man they were trying to rob.

Ed Brisson, Michael Walsh and Toni Marie Griffin are a great creative team, with Brisson’s writing taking the anthology series in a different direction, while Walsh’s gloriously gory artwork anchors us in the horrific world we’ve seen so far. The benefit of the anthology series is you can jump in at any point, but I’d definitely recommend tracking down the first couple of issues for the full Silver Coin experience.

Jim Lives

Luke is familiar with Jim Morrison and the concept of The 27 Club (some readers may need to Google) and he had positive things to say about Jim Lives, a book with humour, dark themes, pop culture references and snippets of lyrics.It will definitely benefit from rereading.

With great art that uses colour to perfection, and some excellent likenesses to famous musical faces, it’s a great book for those who know about the subject matter. Whilst it might prove a bit more challenging to those less aware anyone with a vague or passing interest should check it out.

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