Writer: Joe Corallo
Artist: Lorenzo Colangeli
Cover Artist: Sweeney Boo
Letterer: Joamette Gil
Editor: Chris Fernandez
Book Design: Miguel Angel Zapata
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios

This issue opens with a one page flashback of Anyssa and Becstar back before their outlaw gang of misfits disbanded; we see Anyssa create a temple which among many traps plays home to a homing beacon that will allow Becstar to find her should she ever need to. This one page tells us everything we need to know about what’s going to happen for the rest of the issue, and it works to perfection.

Before the trio can even make it from their ship to Anyssa’s temple though they’ll have to make it past the planets ‘living gems’. Although that’s just the beginning of their troubles, as they’ll also have to make their way past the temple’s traps, all the while Ozgar and the Shadow Syndicate lurk in the erm…shadows, waiting to see if our heroes will lead them to Anyssa and the Creation Gauntlet coveted by Lord Mordecai.

As we mentioned in our May round-up podcast Becstar does a wonderful job of making exposition part of the story. The opening page tells us quite a lot of information that we’ll need for this issue, and shows the close relationship between Becstar and Anyssa as well as demonstrating the sheer power of the Creation Gauntlet.

There’s some sly digs from Sally aimed at Becstar due to Becstar keeping secrets, and they make for a great insight into their friendship. Sally also speculates about how Becstar’s Luck Dagger works and about it taking luck from those around her.

Lorenzo Colangeli’s artwork is great throughout this issue, there’s a really great blend of cartoon facial expressions, epic locations and interesting panel layouts that gives Becstar an aesthetic that’s entirely it’s own. All of which is only amplified by Colangeli’s colouring, which is bright and atmospheric throughout, helping to bring every page to life.

Becstar has been a legitimate surprise, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the series but what I’ve got is a fun spacefaring adventure that feels like it owes as much to Indiana Jones as it does to Star Wars (other Harrison Ford films are available)

4 mysterious space artefacts out of 4.

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