Written by: Pat Shand
Art by: Manuel Preitano
Lettered by: Jim Campbell
Edited by: Shannon Lee
Publisher: Black Mask

This issue does a lot to fill in Logan’s background, revealing the details of her long completed prophecy, and telling us more about her past relationship with Bailey. We also learn more about both Lilith and Gia as we also pick up where we left off with the two characters from opposite ends of a prophecy crossing paths for the first time, hero and ultimate evil. This issue also opens with the shady organisation that ended the first issue by brawling with Lilith, and while they’re still quite a vague presence I feel we do learn a little bit more about them here.

While this issue largely focuses on Logan’s past, and not the kind of past you’d look back fondly on, there’s also a few sweet moments in the present that definitely show she’s in a better place than she has been. Not just moments with Lilith either, but also in her interactions with Gus in the coffee shop.

I made it quite clear in my review of the first issue of Destiny, NY that Manuel Preitano’s art is great, and that continues to be true here, with all the same strengths I pointed out last time. There’s a few pages that show Logan’s prophecy interwoven with her and Lilith together in the present that work really well, showing Preitano’s different styles side by side and showcasing some great panelling choices.

Honestly, there’s not a lot I can say about this issue that I didn’t say in my review for the first. If you’re looking for a magical, romantic, prophecy filled comic book Destiny, NY is definitely the one for you.

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