That’s right an awesome DINOSAUR comic created by a 1st grade female creator!

Do you like dinosaurs? Do you like comics about dinosaurs? The answer to both of those questions should be yes of course and if it is (it is right?) then I’d like to promote a little Kickstarter about that very thing! The Kickstarter is Dino Heroes and you can find the campaign page here.

The amazing creator behind this original 52 page comic of 12 stories is Aurora, a 1st grader who has written, drawn, illustrated and lettered the whole thing herself over 14 months. 

It’s an incredible project to take on at any age and to do so when you are just 6 years old is awesome. Massive kudos and respect to young Aurora who has created something special. 

Dinosaurs with superpowers working together to defeat threats and evil super dino villains is such a cool idea and Aurora executes it so well. You can see the thought that has gone into the different dinosaurs who make up this heroic team (my favourite is Tri because I too would love to create blocks and manipulate matter like that). All the dinosaurs are interesting heroes with skills that really complement each other. 

I wish my writing was as neat at her age as Aurora’s is. Her lettering is really clear and easy to read with lots of great touches. 
The colouring of the dinosaurs is also excellent and a great choice of colours too. They really work and make the comic really bold and bright. 

Caleb Palmquist, creator of the comic Unicorn Vampire Hunter, linked to this Kickstarter in one of the updates for issue #2 of the Unicorn Vampire Hunter Kickstarter (as you may know from our podcast we love Unicorn Vampire Hunter so check that out and back it too). 

Dino Heroes is exactly the kind of project Kickstarter was made for, giving a young creator to get their dream of a comic published. That’s why I’m really pleased to say I’ve backed it and say why not back it too? Also DINOSAURS in a COMIC. Who doesn’t love that? 
Good luck Aurora and we hope this Kickstarter inspires you to keep on creating comics because you have some awesome talent. 

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