By Will Holden

Fissure, written by Tim Daniel with art from Patricio Delpeche and published by Vault Comics, is a horror comic set in the underused setting of the US-Mexico border.

The story centres on the Texan town of El Sueno, replete with the expected racial tensions and small town mentality. Then, one day the ground splits in two creating a huge crater right down the middle of the town accompanied by a nefarious green mist. Following this, as the sun goes down, the mist begins to form into the shape of people who turn out to be the lost friends, lovers and relatives of the town’s residents. These ethereal familiars approach their respective relatives in order to lead them down into the newly formed crevice, jumping to their presumed deaths.

We follow the young couple, Avery Lee Olmos and Hark Wright as they decide to investigate the titular fissure in an attempt to retrieve, or at the very least confirm, what has happened to the townsfolk who nosedived into the pit. What they find is a Lovecraftian nightmare complete with slimy tentacles, needle teeth and the hints of something much stranger and darker than anyone in the town above could have thought.

5 tentacles out of 5

Check out the first issue for free here!

Pick up a copy of Fissure here:

Or head on over to your local Travelling Man store!

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