by Zachary Whittaker

There’s a new mall opening in town and it sells EVERYTHING. It’s also called Everything, weirdly just like this series. It’s a story you’ve no doubt heard before, a huge shopping complex opens in a small town and all the townspeople are drawn there, leaving behind the small shops the town was built on. However in the case of Everything there’s something more sinister lurking in the peripherals, but only a handful of the town’s population seem to realise that.

Everything is a series that creates a tremendous feeling of unease, the strange events sparked by the opening of the shopping centre at the story’s …erm…centre, come together to create an air of mystery that will keep you hooked throughout each issue, and it’s a true testament to Christopher Cantwell’s writing. I.N.J. Culbard’s artwork is perfect for this series, feeling equally nostalgic and unsettling on every page, with his colouring adding wonderfully to the tone of each scene.

Check out the first issue for free here!

Pick up a copy of Everything here:

Or head over to your local Travelling Man store!

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