by Zachary Whittaker

High finance and the occult. They just seem made for each other don’t they?
For nearly a hundred years a small group has been running the Caina-Kankrin bank, using their power to achieve their goals whatever the cost. But when one of their cabal is murdered the opportunity arises for an exiled member to return. The gifted Detective Dumas will be tasked with solving the crime, and in doing so might discover that there’s more than just money behind the Caina-Kankrin’s success.

The Black Monday Murders is Jonathan Hickman at his best, crafting a narrative entirely suited to his unique style. Tomm Coker’s dark enigmatic artwork and Michael Garland’s perfectly selected colouring become interwoven with diegetic documents and information. This series is a masterclass in format and layout, using a murder mystery to explore the history of the characters while also raising some prominent real world points, proving there’s nothing more scary than the super rich allowed to run wild with power.

Check out the first issue for free here!

Pick up a copy of The Black Monday Murders here:

Or head over to your local Travelling Man store!

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