by Zachary Whittaker

 Sadie is sixteen years old and nine months pregnant, while that’s a tough enough hand to be dealt, her baby also happens to be the antichrist. With the odds already against the young mother and her newborn she’ll also have to fend off assassins trying to save the world, satanic cults and demon racoons.

It’s not exactly a well kept secret that I’m a big fan of Donny Cates’ work, but for some reason it’s taken a lot longer than you might expect for me to get around to reading Babyteeth and honestly I’m disappointed I didn’t read it sooner. Cates’ style perfectly suits this type of story, creating something equally heartfelt and absurd, which isn’t often seen in tales of this kind. The core characters of Sadie, Heather and The Captain feel like a real family united in their mission to protect Clark – the would be antichrist – and every mysterious threat is immediately unique and interesting. As much as Cates’ writing is superb throughout the series, Garry Brown’s artwork is equally important bringing every character to life with a roughness that entirely suits the tone of the book.

Pick up a copy of Babyteeth here:

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