by Angela Cainen

Do you like witches? Do you like witches with a penchant for ritual killing, murder and taking over small towns? Do you like stories told over several time periods as plot and characters are woven together like some sort of witch type spell?

Then you may enjoy Redlands a horror comic written and coloured by Jordie Bellaire and with art by Vanesa R Del Rey.

Set in a small Florida town called, well Redlands, we open in 1977 where three witches face off against the police. Given we then go to the ‘present day’ you can guess roughly how that turns out. Later the plot also encompasses the events of the mid-80s as we start to see how exactly the actions of these witches over time have influenced events spanning the decades.  

A bit slow to start as the world building and groundwork is laid the more issues you get in the more interesting things get as your expectations are subverted and the witches (Alice, Ro and Bridget) reveal a little bit about themselves and their history.

The art perfectly captures the tone of the book lending itself to the darkness and dirtiness of both witchcraft and plot. It has an edge to it, much like the witches themselves. The use of colours also helps tell the story and differentiates the characters, especially the witches (no surprise it’s so well done given who’s behind it)

Overall Redlands is an intriguing read with twists, turns, witches and occasional appearances from alligators. If you like horror you’ll enjoy it and even if you are less enamoured with blood, fire and death you’ll still find enough to be interested.

Check out the first issue for free here

Pick up a copy of Redlands here:

Or head over to your local Travelling Man store!

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