by Zachary Whittaker

The first issue of Count Crowley: Reluctant Midnight Monster Hunter was released just in time for last Halloween; brimming with offbeat horror B-movie vibes, this is the kind of book that immediately appeals to me. Jerri is a news reporter for a small town TV station, until in a sudden twist of fate she finds herself taking over as a late night horror host…and monster hunter.

What can I say, horror stories involving small towns, late night B-movies, and old school horror hosts are entirely my thing, and Count Crowley has all three. The comic book writing debut of actor and screenwriter David Dastmalchian, Count Crowley is an unlikely ride with a great mix of comedy, action and monsters, brought to life by Lukas Ketner’s great pulp comic feeling art style and Lauren Affe’s varied colouring.

Oh and be sure to check out the Count Crowley trailer below!

Check out the first issue for free here

Pick up a copy of Count Crowley: Reluctant Midnight Monster Hunter, here:

Or head over to your local Travelling Man store!

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